Sunday, April 3, 2016

Here Comes the Sun...

Here are a few cute photos from before sickness struck...

And then...

I noticed this little fellow was a bit droopy and dreary-eyed in the swing that evening.
 The next morning he threw up several times. I changed clothes and washed hands between caring for each boy. And Jim got us into the pediatricians office, because he wanted a strep test done on Ian. Sure enough, he was right. Strep it was.

As soon as Ian started feeling better, we thought we were in the clear. The next morning Jim and I were nauseous and by the afternoon we were both passed out and trying to recover, while caring for a newborn and a toddler.

Fortunately, Jim started feeling better as I got worse and worse. Two separate runs to the pharmacy for me. I ended up with Strep, too. Fun times. I thin we are finally on the upswing. The most any of us have been sick since becoming parents. Whew. What a week.

The biggest blessing? Owen has remained healthy the entire time! Hooray for breast milk and antibodies!!!

Now it's time to enjoy some sunshine and spring, eh?

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