Tuesday, April 19, 2016

2 Months with Owen!!

Two violets for two months.
Owen David has blessed our family's lives for two full months already. In his second month, he's started handing out smiles like there's no tomorrow (except for the camera), he's weathered his first big sickness (and scared us greatly in the process!), and he's certainly won the hearts of everyone in our family.
 He loves lying on a blanket outside. Loves it. Inside, he's not nearly as fond of this activity. He'd rather be in our arms or in a carrier.
 He loves sucking on his hands when he can find them. He'll spend long, long periods working on getting his hand to his mouth. He's getting faster at it, but hasn't learned how to get any of the digits into his mouth. He mouths his whole fist :)
 He continues to love his sheepskin and sleeps large chunks of the night. Hallelujah!!
 He's a fan of bath time, but doesn't get them very often ;)
 He continues to awe us with his gorgeous blue eyes. I could look at them all day long, if I was allowed to do nothing else.
 He makes the best faces, especially when he is just waking up!
 The one below looks like he's doing a little dance. Haha!
 Oh, darling Owen David...
 You are just such a sweetheart.
 Oh, and your hair. I love it.
 Here's the back, too. You haven't lost much hair in the back, just like your brother.
 Thanks for being a good sport when I take pictures!!
 And thanks for being my constant sidekick and companion throughout the days and nights. You are a joy and delight.
It's so easy being your mama.

Love you, love you.

We had your two month appointment today and you had your first round of shots. You were a champ. You certainly didn't like them, but quickly calmed down. The rest of the day you've either slept on your sheepskin or in the carrier, and wanted to be held or worn all day long. Who can blame you?

Your stats were as follows: 
  • Weight: 13.31 lbs. and in the 67.72%
  • Length: 24.75 inches and in the 97%
  • Weight-Length CHart (BMI): in the 8.55%. For your incredible height, you are quite slender! 
  • Head Circumference: 16 inches and in the 85.74%
For your length, you've already started wearing some six month clothing!! Slow down, dear babe. Width-wise, you are still in three month clothing.

You love: SMILING!!!, watching Ian and smiling at him, being outside, being worn in the carrier, your sheepskin, listening to our singing, being cuddled and held, and cooing back and forth with whoever you've engaged at the moment.

Happy two months, Owen David!!

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