Sunday, May 31, 2015

Watermelon & Chickens

A few weeks ago now, Jim's parents came to visit. We had a nice weekend of visiting the Floyd Jamboree for their first time, the farmer's market, and our natural foods store. When we weren't out at one of these locations, we were playing around our house.

Kim & John brought us some transplants from their garden. They also brought Ian his own gardening tools and a watering can. He participated in some of the planting and watering :)

 Everyone enjoyed watching the chickens, but specifically watching Ian with the chickens!!

 Jim made a clutch decision and purchased a watermelon on our way home one day. We ate it for days afterward, parceling off some for a treat each afternoon. Ian's hooked!! Since then, we've made a point to keep some around. Sweet (almost) summertime.

Thanks for the visit, Gramee & Grandpa!!

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