Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Pandapas Family Outing!

(From a couple weeks ago, during Jim's vacation!)

What a fun family outing!! We headed out in the afternoon for Pandapas Pond. It was a hot day in spring for us at 82 degrees, but we were grateful to be out in nature together.
 Jim's on vacation this week and we decided that this vacation was going to be primarily Ian-centered. Our European adventure wasn't always tailored to him, but we wanted this vacation to include activities each day that he'd really enjoy and benefit from. Yesterday we introduced Jim to our library storytime and play date afterward. Then we had lunch at Gillies and walked the Huckleberry to the cows!!

Today we headed to a local favorite, Pandapas Pond. Admittedly, the two of us haven't spent much time there. I'm not sure Ian had ever been there yet. It turned out to be an awesome outing for our little family!
 A family of six goslings came over to visit us.
I think they were expecting food, but we had nothing for them!
Jim snagged a few salamanders for Ian to observe. No matter where we go, this nature whisperer is able to find wildlife. 

 And his son is following suit. He found beetles and ants.

Leif, who loves going through these tunnels, got himself into a pickle. He couldn't make it out the other side, so he had to shuffle backwards the full 20 feet. There were a few seconds of panic that we might have to rescue him somehow. But, as you can see from the left-handed picture, he made it out alright.

 Doing what Forresters do...
 Playing in a huge, glorified sandbox.
 Even though it was quite hot, this guy never whined about the heat. Those rosy cheeks held a smile and the excitement of being out on the trail.
 And soon it was time to head back to the car. He walked most of the way.
If this is anything like the adventures we can have this summer, growing up isn't so bad. There are joys and perks to every age.

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