Sunday, May 17, 2015

Big Birthday Hug!!

Happy birthday to my life adventure buddy!!!!

As you can see in the picture above, Ian sure does love his "Papa."

Thanks for your curious nature, for pursuing your passions, and for always putting us first!

Intern year of residency is almost over!! 
It's been a year filled with long hours, poor sleep, 
and difficult schedules and you've taken it all in stride.

This morning we celebrated with Jim's parents who were here visiting and tonight we'll celebrate some new, good friends. It's a good day to have a birthday. 

As per the usual, Jim came up with a birthday dessert: dark chocolate, ginger, raspberry, kiwi cheesecake. We'll see how it tastes when we cut into it tonight :) (Update: the cheesecake was a "slam dunk" according to the birthday boy. We may have to save this recipe!)

Jim, we love you so much.

Happy 29th!!

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