Monday, May 11, 2015

Europe: Last One

We arrived in Hannover late at night after our trip to Switzerland. The next day, Marianne gave us a huge gift and watched Ian while Jim and I went to the sauna together for five hours. We got to bike there, which was a neat treat, but the directions were a little funky. We made it, though!

What a great way to spend the day. If only we had something similar in the United States...
 We returned to a happy trio, playing in the yard. Soon it was time to prep dinner and it was oh-so-good. Christoph made us spargel, which is white asparagus. It's amazing! There's no good way to describe it. You have to carefully peel the outside, which takes some finesse. We each broke one or two attempting to get it just right.
 YUM!!! Take me back.

 The next day we got up and out early to catch our train to Frankfurt. We're so grateful to these wonderful hosts. Thanks for the picture, MO!!
Ian loved waving to each train!
 And found a "comfy" spot in the train car room.
 In Frankfurt we checked into our motel, took a nap, and then set out to find ourselves out last "döner" in Germany. Jim's hooked. They are similar to gyros, but the Turkish version.

 Then we went for a walk on the Rhine River and found a place to get rolls and some groceries for our breakfast and lunch the next day.

 The flight home went much better than the flight to Europe. We had an extra seat on our aisle and a very friendly soldier sharing our row. Ian slept some, ate snacks, and played a lot. He was very content for almost the entire flight.

When we landed in Charlotte we missed our connecting flight to Roanoke. Getting through customs in an hour is literally impossible. Fortunately, there was another flight going out that we could join. Unfortunately, this flight was delayed twice. Ian fell asleep on the floor while we waited and then continued to sleep through the entire flight (38 minutes) to Roanoke, where our friends were waiting.
 We were VERY happy to be home in our own bed, with our own mega blocks, and the rest of our own stuff. Ian woke up at 4:30 the first morning, 6 the next, and 5:30 the third morning, before falling into his normal rhythm. Not bad!
We were so happy to see Leif!!
 And things had turned green and bloomed while we were gone. Hello Spring!!!
And that's a wrap of our European adventure. 

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