Friday, March 27, 2015

Amanda's Perspective

When Amanda came to visit, she spent some time observing me and Ian. I mean it's inevitable when you're living in someone's house for a few days, right? But she's a real observer and I knew she was taking some thoughtful mental notes during her visit. A few days later I received this in an email:

"I love seeing you as a Mother. I can see your personality as a mom - you make decisions that are careful and calculated, but not controlling. And how you explained the parenting style, 'as "I trust him and he trusts me' makes so much sense. It's such a great foundation for not only a relationship, but for a person to grow."

It made me tear up. Thank you for the sweet words, Amanda! These words mean a lot to me.

She also sent all of the pictures in this post. All photo credits go to her! Thanks for capturing so many great moments and sharing them with us.

MacAfee's Knob
The Cascades

Another one of my favorite pictures ever. Such joy and enthusiasm captured.

Thanks, sweet friend.

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