Tuesday, April 14, 2015

European Adventure

Waiting to board our first plane.
Roanoke Airport, March 28th.
We've just returned from a trip to Europe! It was a whirlwind of visiting family & friends, seeing the sights, walking in my grandpa's footprints in Switzerland, and keeping up with our eighteen month old.

I have so much I want to share. Mostly in pictures, but I'll try to use some commentary, too.

Some may think that we were crazy to travel with an eighteen month old (and maybe we were!!), but he was really a champ overall. More on that later.

It was really special to share some of these memories with Jim and Ian. Who knows if Ian will remember any of it... but we'll have the pictures and stories to share with him.

Miraculously, Jim was able to take two weeks off for our trip. This is basically unheard of in residency. It was wonderful for us to have him around for two whole weeks.

Overview of Our Trip:

Part One: We visited my cousin, Marianne and her husband, Christoph and daughter Annie in Hannover, Germany for almost a week.

Part Two: Easter weekend we went to Bückenhof and visited my host parents, Mark & Meg, from when I studied abroad and student taught at an international school while in college.

Part Three: We traveled to Switzerland and met up with my friend Eva for an afternoon with my sister and her boyfriend, who came from where they've been living in France to meet us. Then Marianne, Christoph, and Annie all joined us to stay together in Illiswill, near our great aunt and the rest of her family. We spent a couple nights there.

Part Four: We headed back to Hannover by car for one more day before we started making the journey back home.

We were blessed to have incredible hosts each place and are truly grateful for the time we shared with all of them.

In the coming days (hopefully not weeks!) I'll have more pictures and explanations for each leg of the trip. Stay tuned (and patient).

Love, K

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  1. Can't wait to read your perspective. (But don't let that hinder you.)
    love you!
    (and miss you!)