Saturday, March 21, 2015

Mom Brain

It's a real thing.

Sometimes my brain just does not function correctly. I've heard many people call it "Mom Brain" and I think it's aptly named. I didn't suffer from it quiet as much before I got pregnant, but it certainly started when I did.

One time, while pregnant, I was trying to steam vegetables and I never added the water. Yup. So, I melted the steamer to the pot. That smelled grand and was a joy to clean up ;)

Another time I left the grocery store, put the cart away in a cart lot, and got all of the way home before I realized the diaper bag, purse included, was still in the cart. Fortunately, it was still there and untouched.

Yesterday I had a similar moment.

As I mentioned in a previous post, we went on a hike to The Cascades. I was feverishly trying to pack and get everything ready that we needed, while simultaneously getting Ian ready and making sure we had different outfits for different weather possibilities.

Jim asked that we drop his car off at the hospital, since he'd biked that morning and was on call that evening. So, we had to drive two separate cars at the start of our journey. I hopped into the Focus and was partway out of our driveway before realizing that I didn't have my cell phone. I thought it must be in either the Passat (our other car) or in the house. And left it at that.

It wasn't in the Passat when I switched into it at the hospital and I planned to search the house upon returning home. When we got home it wasn't there either. I searched everywhere and was completely baffled. All day I racked my brain.

That evening while nursing Ian to sleep I realized and could picture exactly where it was. I had put it on the roof of the Passat with my keys. Oh no. Gulp. I was trapped while Ian was nursing, watching the light start to fade as evening settled in.

As soon as his head hit the mattress I grabbed my stuff, left Ian home with our friend Amanda, and hopped in the car. It was going to be a fruitless endeavor, of this I was sure. Either I was going to find the phone crushed on or beside the road or I would just never find it.

I drove fairly slowly, scanning as much of the road as I could. I got all of the way to the intersection where you get on the local highway and thought, "Why not?" I turned and started heading up the ramp and fortunately no one was behind me. I scanned the road and the shoulder the whole way. Then, just as I had to merge onto the highway I saw it. My smartphone was on the shoulder and lying face up.

I pulled off and found it working, showing the missed calls and texts of the day when I pressed the button. No scratches or cracks other than one little one on the camera glass, but it doesn't affect the use of the camera. YESSS!! It's unbelievable and insane.

We would have been out $200+ because our phone company has us buy the phone outright, without any insurance, making the monthly fees really, really reasonable. But I was fearing the gouge that would have to come out of our pocket. Whew.

Mom Brain has put me in a few pickles or made things inconvenient before, but this was not one of those times! What a relief. So, Mom Brain, it's a real thing.

It's a blessing often, allowing us to forget some hard things and remember moments like this.
That evening we played in the yard before Ian went to bed and his giggles were just contagious. This may be one of my favorite photos of us ever. Thanks, Amanda, for taking this and the videos of that night! What a great memory.

Somehow 18 months have passed by and my mush mom brain just cannot fathom it. The days can be long but I seriously feel like my head will forever be in September of 2013, when Ian was born. I lived through this past winter, but I still cannot believe that it's March. It should be almost Christmas. That's Mom Brain.

I promise it's real.

If you call and I don't answer one day, hopefully my phone won't be on the side of the road. But now you know it might be a possibility. Sheesh.

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