Thursday, March 12, 2015


Constant motion and banter. Begging and whining paired with reminders to simply ask for "Help please" through his only way of communication: sign language.

Swap group cancelled and untimely naps. No respite, though desperately needed. Soggy, dreary day outside. Tension and exhaustion within. Weight and tears preparing the way.

I look to the door to find a soaked, but compassionate husband outside. The weary, hungry, rain-drenched biker returns and without a blink sends me off after seeing the need.

The rain runs down the windows as I sit here in the parking lot. Alone and quiet, except for the pit and patter of water on the glass. It's cleansing the car, but also this mama's soul.

Laughter and sharing deeply with a great friend. Pouring joy and life back into my emptied coffers.

There aren't many days when I feel this way. Desperate for space. But today was certainly one. And, of course, after a few minutes away, I was desperate to be back with him, hearing his laughter, and observing what he was doing.

Today (yesterday now) I'm filled with gratitude. It is so, so rare for Jim to get time off early. I'm still in disbelief that this afternoon happened. Thank you, Hon.

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