Thursday, March 5, 2015

Snow Days

Today started off as a dreary, rainy day, but as the temperatures dropped, it turned to sleet and then snow. It was a day of pulling out all of the stops. 

Ian helped me with putting away laundry and then we transitioned to taking each pair out of the drawer, running into the living room, and shouting "Weeee!" as we threw them on the floor. Repeat, repeat, repeat. 

When the sleet seemed to be lighter, we did head outside. I shoveled the driveway while Ian watched and explored. Then he pointed to his swing, hanging in the mud room, and we set it up. The neighbors returned while he was swinging in the sleet. They must think I am completely mad. But hey... check the face on this happy lad!!!

LEFT: "Relaxing" on his chair, while watching the snow fall.

RIGHT: Recently Ian found an old purse of mine that was full of paint inspiration cards from Lowes. I pulled them out for him to see for the first time and they filled a long time of looking carefully at each card and then carefully placing them on the floor.

I love lazy snow days. With a toddler they aren't quite so lazy, but it's still nice to hole away from the world and even the notion of heading outside. 

Recently, I realized that I really do feel like staying home as soon as it snows. It's not because I'm nervous about driving in those conditions, necessarily. I've done it a lot and I'm pretty good at it. But I grew up on top of a mountain and we got a fair amount of snow, normally more than the surrounding areas. If we got snow, it meant that we were often snow-bound for a day, or two or three, or even a week. So, even though I live in a neighborhood and my road gets plowed within a day, I still feel like I should be "stuck" at home, sipping cocoa, playing in the snow, and enjoying being at home.

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