Monday, August 26, 2013

The Final Stretch

We are entering our final weeks of pregnancy! Tomorrow will mark 37 weeks and I just cannot believe that we're here already, and yet I cannot wait to meet our little one!
Almost 36 weeks at the
Blacksburg Farmer's Market
Last week the baby made his/her descent, which means that there are mere weeks left in our pregnancy journey, one book said 2-4 weeks, and that parenthood will soon begin. As I went on walks with Jim and friends last week, I could feel the baby lower in my abdomen than ever before. It was a physical reminder that the end is approaching.

By the way, I like the term "descent" so much better than the baby "dropped." Dropped? Really? This sounds much more dangerous and terrifying for all involved.

Also within the last week, a beautiful baby shower was thrown for me & Baby B (more to come soon!), we finished the nursery (another future post!), received our stroller (Woohoo!), made a few last purchases, and installed the carseat. Tomorrow marks our last birth class. We'll have had a total of six classes taught by our doula and alongside four other couples. We are grateful for the pain-coping strategies we've been learning & practicing, and the conversations that the class has sparked between us about the labor & birthing process.

With all of these things being celebrated, experienced, and checked off of the list, it makes our excitement grow daily.

With excitement building I want to remember/attempt to do the following in the coming weeks:
- be calm
- conserve energy
- sleep whenever I can
- drink water, water, water!
- walk/practice yoga
- confront or dig into any axieties or fears that arise
- savor these last few moments as a couple before we become three
- breathe
- be patient
- allow myself the privilege of relaxing
- trust my body

Baby B, we love you and cannot wait to meet you! But come when you're ready and in your own good time; we'll be waiting for you with open arms. 


  1. So very excited for you guys and the adventure to come! And thrilled that you have a doula. That was the best decision we made the second time around. :)

  2. Woo hoo! You'll do great. Just remind yourself that much weaker women in this world have born children.... And survived. (I might have had these thoughts almost 3 years ago.... And visions of women having their kids in fields and then getting backup to work... ;-)
    I'm so excited to meet Baby B! Thanks for keeping him/her so comfy so far!