Thursday, August 1, 2013

Swiss Independence Day

In my childhood I spent every summer at my parents' summer cabin called "The Pinery." When there we were only forty-five minutes away from my grandparents, aunt, uncle, and cousins, compared to spending the rest of the year six hours apart.

Well, I have memories of Swiss Independence Day with my swiss Grandpa. He'd come over wearing his edelweiss suspenders and equipped with his harmonica. Grandma would hold a small swiss flag and wave it. He'd pull out his repertoire of Swiss Folk songs, all within his head, and play for us while sitting in the adirondack chair on the front porch. It was a uniquely Grandpa thing to do and I loved that. 

Somewhere I'm sure there's a picture of it, but I don't have access to it right now. I'll allow my mind to journey back to those wonderful summer days, where we were together, enjoying beautiful music, and celebrating his heritage.

August 14th will mark a year since his passing. Somehow Swiss Independence Day and his departure for heaven seem appropriately placed in the same month. Before today I'd never thought about that. 

Happy Swiss Independence Day!


  1. What? Never heard of it or witnessed this! How of is that?

  2. That's funny. April is visiting..and that's the first thing I said to her in the morning...."Happy Swiss Independence Day". Julie.....I don't know where you were either!

  3. Good memory, Käthe! I remember fondly some wonderful picnics as a kid with the Swiss Club of Pittsburgh on August 1sts, especially two: one at someone's farm, and one at a picnic pavilion in North Park (Allegheny County). Highlights were wearing some Swiss folk outfits when we were small enough, drinking all the soda pop we wanted (a true rarity), and a big stocky Swiss guy who, after a few beers, could walk on his hands across people's tables! Dad liked that guy.