Thursday, August 8, 2013

Family & Berries

Time with Jim's parents was spent between Erin's wedding and before we went to New York City, then again a few times throughout the travels of this summer. It was great to have time with them!

An orchard nearby has beautiful black raspberries that were ripe exactly during the time we were there. The orchard was overflowing with these raspberries and were desperate for pickers- we were happy to oblige and went twice. One time we went with John & Kim and the second time we went with Christine & Kim. We then enjoyed delicious, fresh berries for days!

We were there over the fourth of July and enjoyed a cookout with some of their friends, a walk around the beautiful houses at Mt. Gretna, and then we topped off the night by watching the fireworks from the park behind their house. Christine celebrated that holiday with us, too!

On our last day there we went to Inn 422, which is one of John & Kim's favorite places in Lebanon, PA. It was a really delicious brunch where Jim and John got stuffed french toast and Kim and I got huge and overflowing omlets. Yum!

Here we were 31 weeks and 5 days pregnant!

Thank you to John & Kim for hosting us and for watching Leif during our time in NYC and in Cape May! We are very grateful.

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