Friday, August 9, 2013

Baby Moon: Cape May

This year Jim and I decided to try something new while on our own personal vacation time. Yes, this year we decided to try this thing called "relaxing."

Our typical vacation includes booking it to wherever we are going, seeking out as many adventures, hikes, and activities as we can to fit into the day, eating on the go or cooking our own food, and falling into bed exhausted at the end of a fulfilling day. Now this is great, don't get me wrong! We will be returning to this whenever possible, but this year we decided to really take it easy.

We also decided to hang nearby (no crazy road trip or flight across the country) AND we decided to go to the beach, a place we never go. As a pregnant lady who was trying to plan the summer ahead, while having no clue what I would be feeling like at 7 months, the beach seemed like a good, laid-back, cool plan.

It turned out that this was just what the two of us needed.
Our days revolved, quite literally, around sunblock application, if you ask Jim. If you ask me, they revolved around my body temperature, food, and peeing (typical pregnant lady, here). But, decked out with a cooler with food, and ice-water-filled thermos, two beach chairs, an umbrella, and the paddleboard game, we were quite comfortable.

It was lovely.

After a wild year of Jim living multiple places away from home, me switching jobs, and then the final month before vacation started Jim was preparing for his medical board... it was so nice to have him around, available, relaxed, and (selfishly) all to myself. We had time to think/talk about things related to our baby and growing family and to write to our baby in his/her journal.

It was wonderful.

We watched a man catch a shark on his fishing pole and got to watch dolphins swimming out in the ocean for two days in a row, while we walked along the beach or sat in our chairs. I'd never seen dolphins in the wild, that I can remember.

We both agreed that the beach is definitely a vacation that we'd like to do again.

31 Weeks 

So happy we had those three days and nights together. A baby moon was just what the student doctor ordered! :)

P.S. Cape May is a beautiful and relatively quiet, family friendly beach. Definitely wouldn't mind going back there in the future!

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  1. Always great to read your blog and see the pictures. You really capture your life, especially the good moments.