Sunday, October 9, 2016


Three days after we returned home from the beach, Owen and I packed up and headed to Milwaukee for a MOPS conference. Way back in the summer, when I was talking with the steering team about this conference, my friend Mary said, without any prompting or hesitation, that she would watch Ian for me so that I could go. Whether he needed to spend the night or not, depending on Jim's schedule, she would take him for us. WHAT?!? So, it was decided that I would go with Owen and my friend and co-coordinator, Anna.

The day before I left I learned that all of my phone photos and videos were lost from March until now. UGH. Painful to know that all of these are lost forever, but life goes on.

I tried to be very careful with my packing and making sure that I was giving Ian, especially, a lot of present, undistracted mama time. It was so fun to watch these guys play simultaneously.

 Then, it was time for Owen's first flight! Flying with him was pretty easy. Even though he's started army crawling, he doesn't mind sitting in laps or cuddling in the carrier all. the. time. It was so nice!!
And, fortunately, he slept just fine in the hotel! I brought his sheepskin and borrowed a pack 'n play from the hotel and he felt right at home. It was even better than home because of the blackout curtains! After staying up until 2 AM due to delayed flights, he let us sleep until 9 AM!! WOO!
 We stayed in perhaps the nicest hotel I've ever stayed in. A beautiful, huge Hyatt with glass elevators and very comfy beds.

 The conference was incredible, rejuvenating, soul- filling, and gave me a lot of food for thought as a mama and a MOPS leadership member. I am so, so grateful we had the opportunity to go. And I couldn't have traveled with a better, more generous companion. Anna held Owen, wore him in the carrier, and even watched him in the baby room so I could join some of the larger group sessions.

One of the ladies I met in the sweet baby suite was from Milwaukee and she told us all about the town, the area, and then walked with us down to Rock Bottom Brewery for lunch one day.
 Sunday morning at 2:45 AM we woke up to hitch a ride with Uber and head back to the airport. By that point, we were ready to head home to our husbands and little ones.
 One last flight.

Someone was happy to see me, too. Missed this boy.

 Just a little chair yoga.
It's always fun to travel, but it's always comforting to return home to your own bed, your own food, and the hugging arms that feel just right. Love my little family.

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