Sunday, October 9, 2016


***I never posted this from weeks ago.***

Today I snapped this photo of my boys. It's been a busy week, my mind has been elsewhere, my schedule full, my to-do list manageable but still nagging. It's in these times that they are the ones who suffer. We marked off a big thing from the list today and we all survived. But I am ready to change the status quo.

I am constantly learning how to balance tasks & details with fun & relaxation. It's apparent to me that I've come a LONG way but there's still a LONG way to go.

This fall I think my theme words will be purposeful and present. I want to put the phone away more and be lost in the wonder around me. I want to lose some negative thoughts and fill hope in its place. And I want to see the people around me, especially my little family, more than I look to myself. 

These boys amaze me daily. And I don't want to miss a thing. How come they stay little for such a short period of time?!?

Just this week Owen has started to sit on his own. I was shocked on Wednesday when I put him down outside and he stayed sitting and playing with the blades grass for a good long while! He still has the occasional topple, but he's so thrilled with his new ability. 

It's such a wonderful stage of development, that sitting thing. He can play and interact with toys in a new way, and he can see more of the world around him (which makes everyone happy, but especially him!). 

He's also practicing the sounds "bababa"and "dadada."

Life with these boys is full.

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