Thursday, October 13, 2016

7 & 8 Month OWEN!!

I am so shocked to announce that this sweet baby boy is TWO THIRDS of the way through a YEAR! How could this possibly be? How could he be this old already? And yet, I truly cannot fathom how we survived without him in our lives.

A friend commented that she could not imagine life without Owen and it made my mama heart skip a beat. It's so sweet to have friends who adore and love on my children. It made me breathe a deep sigh of relief and still makes me smile to think of it. The power of another's words never ceases to amaze me.

A LOT has changed in the last two months. Yes, two months!! This mama hasn't even done his seven month post and it's already time to do his eight month one. By seven months he was sitting fairly confidently and had one tooth. "Bababa" and "dadada" were his favorite sounds. He continued to LOVE people who smile or interacted with him-- which is everyone! 

In his eighth month he went on a plane for the first time and did it like a pro! He traveled with me and my friend, Anna (the friend who said the sweet words), to Milwaukee for a conference. He flew like a champ, slept like a champ, nursed like a champ. HE IS A CHAMP. 
 He's cut is second bottom tooth quite recently and therefore had a stuffy nose and been a little fussy, but overall he's a very contented baby.

The biggest news is that he has started army crawling wherever he'd like to go! He's not always wild about having to crawl far, whimpering for someone to come and get him, but if he's determined, he'll get there!! WE'RE MOBILE PEOPLE. And it's all happening just a little too fast ;)
 His little trademark is the way he scrunches up his nose when he's happy. I mean, it's just so adorable!! Gosh, he melts me.

 He's just like the rest of us.... most content when he's outside. It's so fun to watch him explore just the space around him and find so much to hold in his hands and manipulate. I've also been intrigued all over again to watch him taste-test and discover that he doesn't want to swallow or have these items in his mouth. I remember this from Ian, too, but it's incredible to watch it happen all over again, by allowing him to explore the world around him... he's learning what he does and doesn't want to consume by trying for himself, not having me dictate it for him. Although, it is a whole new ballgame when there's an older brother "helping" him learn what not to eat by removing things from his hands and mouth. Life's all about learning, eh? ;)
 For the most part, these pictures truly depict Owen David. Happy, content, calm, observant.... joyful. Today a mom of adult children said that when children are babies you see a pure form of who they truly are. I thought that was so wonderful... Owen, what a beautiful soul you are.

 People keep commenting on how his hair has grown in. That's what happens when you are just so blonde, I suppose!! He's always had hair, but I suppose it's gotten to the length that people can really tell it's there. It's thickening out, perhaps. I just love his little hair-do right now.
 And obviously I cannot decide which pictures to cut, but I know that years from now I will want to see EVERY SINGLE PHOTO. Although I do promise that I already paired them down a lot. Each one will trigger something of his smell, a memory, his touch.
 "What you talkin' 'bout?" He's got so many great expressions. If only we could know what he's really thinking...
 But I'm sure the jokes would be on us ;)

 I will say that this month has also brought on his separation anxiety. If he sees me leave the room or notices that no one is with him, then he gets very upset. If he sees me leave, he always gets upset. If other people are with him and he doesn't see me leave, then he's content for hours. Out of sigh, out of mind. I had forgotten that separation anxiety could start so early and so this came as a bit of a surprise to me.
 It's also a very sweet stage of bonding because it shows how much he understands our connection. When I come into the room or pick him up after one of his realizations, he leans in for a deep hug. If I've left him in the nursery during MOPS or church and he sees me after an hour or two, he turns from content to desperate and whimpering until he's safe in my embrace. I am so grateful that he's happy during the time I am gone, but I am so enamored by his clear bond and need for his mama.
 Isn't he just so cute??!! Dimpled knuckles have me all heart eyes over here.
 In these pictures there's a tint of red in his hair...
 Here he had just gotten a bit upset, so you can see the tears hanging within his eyes. And in his mouth you can see his one protruding tooth, but there's one more to the left of it just starting to jut out that isn't depicted in this photo.

 I don't normally post photos of my kiddos upset, but here is what I was talking about above... in mama's arms, leans in for a hug, and the world quickly returns to alright again.
 THOSE CHEEKS. So kissable.

 Happy boy!
 After taking a meal to a friend, we returned home to find Papa in the yard, so we spent time outside again. And I snapped a few more pictures... couldn't resist this sweater vest and those salmon pants!

 So, so, so much to love in this little boy.
 And his crinkled nose.
 His personality is just starting to explode!

 He loves watching his brother.

 Those blues just keep getting bluer, if that's possible!!

Oh, Owen David, you are such a delight!

Happy 8 Months, Owen!!!
You are so lovable and bring light 
into the lives around you.

You love: ARMY CRAWLING, chatting and bantering with whoever will listen, sitting and playing with leaves and sticks in in the backyard, jumping in the jumper and playing with Ian, sleeping in sleep sacks, when Leif comes to visit you, your sheep toy, giggling, being worn in the carrier, chewing on a raw carrot, and eating sweet potatoes, carrots, beets, eggs, and avocados.

You despise: riding in the stroller and when mama leaves the room.

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