Sunday, October 9, 2016

Beach Week

A few weeks ago now, for the very first time since becoming parents, we went on a vacation as just our little family. We were reflecting and realized that we have either traveled to visit family, had family visit, or stayed home for a stay-cation, but had not yet gone vacationing as just our unit.

The first day of Jim's week off started with a win over Charlottesville. It was a bit of a redemptive game for Jim since his first ever rugby game was a close loss to them last year, and Blacksburg has not had a victory over this club in almost 10 years! We enjoyed cheering him on from the sidelines. Love this shot of his two biggest fans!!
 As SOON as we got in the car to head home, both boys knocked right out. Too bad I had to get some groceries. I did let them sleep for a little while as I sat in the parking lot.
The next day we hit the road for the beach! A 5.5 hour drive is never quite as short as you'd expect, but these kids are troopers and Jim and I enjoyed time to chat. The rest of the descriptions will come from my Instagram posts and photos over the course of our trip.
Three year old birthday is in the books!! Favorite moment was singing "You Are My Sunshine!" with Ian and Jim in a big bear hug. The three year old belted out this sweet song, with a glowing smile, & a firm hug. (Since then he's requested that we do it a few times; we love, love it.)
Vacation Day 1: presents!, aquarium (b/c of thunderstorms), naps for all (except Jim as he searched for the best place to buy seafood), beach time (Owen's first visit!) and a ride on the golf cart, a dinner of scallops, & birthday cake for the birthday boy! Hard to live up to this day, but we are looking forward to what the rest of this week will offer.

"Alright guys! There's a lot of sunglasses."
Day 2: Today started at the beach and ended at the beach, with a Tupelo Honey brunch and naps sandwiched in between. Today was good. A day I'd choose to live again, if given the opportunity to choose a day.

 Day 3: Today I told Jim that when I remember this trip, I want to remember the way Ian ran up and down the shore, in the waves, as he is in the middle picture.

But really, I want to remember it all. The "hand hugs", the walks along the beach, the beach combing, the sea creatures (dead or alive), the joy, the cuddles, the baby-wearing, the ball playing in the "boy pools" or "kid pools" (as Ian calls them during the low tide) and waves, & the beautiful sunset tonight. The beach always leaves me in awe.

 A frog greeted us when we returned from the beach :)

 At 11:30 PM, I walk by his room to find all of the lights on. Crazy kid.
Day 4: How is it already day four?!?😭 Fun wave running, baby-wearing, train track-making, & wave-jumping. Ian and I were playing in the waves and then not ten minutes later we saw a shark in the very same spot! Phew!
Short naps meant more play time and a sweet walk for me and the littlest one while the older boys went shopping for more seafood.
Have I mentioned that this place has a "golden cart" (aka golf cart) and a pool with a lazy river?! We missed the sunset due to a crazy diaper leak on the side of the pool right after I said, "Isn't this the most perfect vacation for us right now?" Ha! It still is.

Day 5: Reading and ball play in the waves, the generosity of strangers who lent us one of their umbrellas, watching trucks and campers drive by, going pant-less on the beach due to "the rub", an afternoon of bodysurfing for me, drip castles and colorful clouds. 

We were really excited all week for the fish fry at the restaurant on campus but discovered that the restaurant was closed when we arrived. So, pizza on the beach, some hermit crab watching, and ultimately getting drenched and fleeing in the golf cart. Last night of vacation and Jim and Ian are bonding over The Jungle Book.
While the boys slept, Jim sent me out for an afternoon of bodysurfing. To say that it did my soul good would be an understatement. Refreshed & more present. Those waves are still washing over me as I sit inside. I love that feeling.

Day 6: Last delightful morning at the beach. Jim found a crab and an inhabited conk shell (I had been searching for one all week), which we released after this photo. Swimming and riding a few last waves. One last long golf cart ride, packing and cleaning, & hitting the road for home. Hope we get to go back next year!


Vacation means we eat, and eat well. It also meant that Jim did almost all of the cooking. Grateful for a foodie husband who loves to cook and try new things.

It was such a relaxing and enjoyable week together. We have the same week reserved for next year and we can't wait to go back. Until next time...

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