Thursday, September 4, 2014

The Mama Perspective

The more I mother, the more I learn that perspective is key.

"I have to" can creep into my mind's tape, when really I can be saying "I get to."

There are times when I fall into the trap of self-pity. I have changed so many diapers. My sleep is interrupted. My showers are rushed. My books are unfinished. My dinners are thrown together to the soundtrack of fun playing, cuddling in the carrier, serving as a quick-order chef to an infant, or to crying because it's just that time of the day. And my brain doesn't function or remember things quite like it used to because... well, I'll just blame it on "Mom brain"/tiredness. It's life these days.

Each of these things can be taken as a negative or they can be celebrated and taken as positives.

I get to comfort another human being completely, by just being present and being me.
I get to change his diapers and make them a time when we play games and talk.
I get to monitor and develop a healthy menu for him daily.
I get to ensure his safety, while also encouraging his freedom to explore and experiment.
I get to watch him explore a blade of grass or the shadows on the wall.
I get to see him fascinated by each page of a book.
I get to introduce him to new words, things, and places every day.

REALLY?! That is my job description.
Where can I sign? I'm in!!

There have been a few times when I have just been desperate for my own time. With Jim's schedule, these don't happen very often. But those very few times I am away from him make me absolutely desperate to get back to him. I don't want to miss a thing. He's too amazing. I'm too crazy about him.

One hour away has been my limit (in my own head... sometimes it's had to be longer). And then I come rushing back, needing to kiss and cuddle and play. The best part is that he needs me too. It's obvious by his giggle, the light in his eyes, and the speed at which he moves toward me and then wraps me up in his arms.

This whole mama thing is pretty great. Awesome. Amazing!

But I tell you what... perspective is certainly everything. We wouldn't be human if some of these things didn't knock us down occasionally.

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