Sunday, September 7, 2014

Positivity Challenge

I am going to miss the positivity challenge when it's done. But I don't think that I am going to stop the tradition that it's started. I have really enjoyed and been challenged by coming up with three positives at the end of the day.

Lately, life has been hard. Jim's schedule is crazy. Has been for two months. The chores at home and loneliness during weekends, dinners, and nights have been difficult. Sometime's it's easy to dwell on those things at the end of the day, rather than the lights and gems that DID happen during the day.

Naming three things has been easy, sometimes. It's been hard to choose just three things, especially about Ian since you know I could write about him forever. I have tried to limit Ian's bullets to just one. Other times it's been harder. It's been a great practice to start... I think I'll continue, but not publicly. I'm going to at least jot three things down in my journal at the end of each day. That will be nice to look back on at the end of the year. Days go by without writing, so it will at least have that!!!

Thanks, Barb, for challenging me! I'll admit, I grumbled inside when I saw my name ;) But I really am grateful now.

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