Wednesday, September 24, 2014

ONE is Fun.

We have a ONE YEAR OLD!!

The weeks and days leading up to September 18th were filled with many emotions. The words, "Until they are one they know exactly what they need and you cannot spoil them," rang in my head. Yikes, so what happens when they turn one? I half expected a switch to happen overnight and for him to change drastically. But, of course, that didn't happen.

He's still as cute, as loving, as needy, and as fun as ever. While he's no longer classified as an "infant," he's still our baby. Turning one just means he's one. This phase, like every phase, is unique and fun!!! So much fun.

I LOVE having a walker!!! People had said, "Just wait until he starts walking, then it's all over." I'm finding that to be a positive. He can wear the same clothes all day, without getting soaked wet from the dew of the morning! I don't mind having a dirty kiddo, but the number of changes has certainly decreased from when he was crawling through mud, puddles, water, etc. He explores everything, just the same as when he was a crawler.

And, perhaps my favorite thing of all, it's just adorable to watch! I love the way he holds his hands, teeters on uneven ground, and is just so proud of his new mode of transportation. I think he feels like "one of us." He enjoys grabbing our hands to walk with him, following us down the hall, or laughing as he enters a room that we're in, too.

So, without further ado, I present to you... our walker. (Note his hands in these pictures)

Mid-teeter... Will he stay up? 

Ian really gets a kick out of playing with Leif.

He grabs his ball and throws it (albeit about one or two feet, but still!)...
 ...doesn't mind a little nudging here and there....
 ...and puts up with the waiting game you have to play for Leif to drop.the.ball.
 They are already such good buddies.

"Alright, I'm ignoring you. I'll count to three. One..."
"That's it!!! I'm coming for it."
"Woohoo! I've got it."
"Now it's your turn to wait!!"
It's amazing how steady he is on his feet after only walking for about two weeks. His legs are getting more and more slender, 
 but there's still some baby chub there!
I'm working up the gumption to cut his hair again. It won't be as easy this time, but he needs it out of his eyes.

We're crazy about you, lil guy. Thanks for making us parents one lightning-fast year ago. From your first newborn cry to your ecstatic one-year-old giggle, you've kept us on our toes from day one and we love that about you. You are pure joy and 100% energy! 
We'll try to keep up for the next year ;)
Happy ONE YEAR to our walking boy!!

You love: WALKING, climbing, giving Mama kisses, feeding yourself with a fork, playing with Leif, bringing us shoes to wear, reading books (particularly Caps for Sale and Bedtime Hullabaloo), emptying the kitchen cupboards, getting into the dogfood, bath time, saying "yea" and shaking your head "no," playing with friends, picking up leaves, chewing on apples or pears, meeting dogs, playing at the pool or the playground, putting things inside of other things, climbing inside of things, putting lids on things, and (as always) seeing Papa come in the door!!

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