Thursday, August 28, 2014

Eleven Months!!

Ian's two favorite places are our huge backyard and the playground. Therefore, where better to photograph his ELEVEN month photo shoot?

 You know what eleven months means... twelve months is just around the corner. And that means he is almost one whole YEAR old.

I can remember so vividly those first few days. The burning love I felt with him on my chest during those first few days (well, let's be honest, that's always...). The sensation of breastfeeding for the first time. The feel of his skin against mine for the first time. And now you're telling me that those things were one year ago? I'm not able to comprehend this.

Slowww down, Käthe. He's only eleven months!! That's still very young. AND, every day just gets better and better! No joke.

This eleven month old is SO MUCH FUN.

He loves to "talk" and wave.
To explore everything. He's always in motion!!

He also makes some funny faces and closes his eyes from time to time.
That red hair just might be here to stay!
And boy is he ever fascinated by his "pu" (aka Leif)!
We love living next to the playground! Ian plays there at least once every day. His new favorite part of the playground is the hexagonal staircase.
 He squats and kneels on each level...
 He hasn't gone all of the way up, yet, but he climbs the first few at the bottom. One of us is always there to spot him, but he very rarely needs any assistance. It's incredible how babies know their own limits and abilities. Look at that reach in the right-hand picture!! It reminds me of the hot lava game we played in the elevator in college ;)

Those legs still have baby pudge, but boy are they strong!! 
 Hydration is key. He loves this water bottle, which is great for these hot summer days!!!

 Ian is also fascinated by everything he can find when he's outside...
 And likes to share...

 Here comes the feeler foot...
 Safely squatting.
 Rest time.
 Well-rested and back at it, he's narrating what he'll be doing next.

 He has four teeth (two up and down), with the fifth one coming in on top.

This kid knows his way around the playground. He's off to the swings!
"Follow me!"
He just loves the swings...

And that's a wrap, folks!! One more month of being a baby...

Happy 11 months, Ian!!

You love: CLIMBING, CLIMBING, and more CLIMBING! And chasing after Leif with your mouth open, bringing us "boo" (short u sound) after book to read, climbing into things, riding in the Kelty backpack on hikes, feeding yourself with your incredible dexterity, eating raisins, putting things in and out of containers, playground swings, being chased, laughing with Papa & Mama, and when we're all together.

We are just crazy about you.

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  1. LOL I literally laughed out loud at the one of him climbing up unto the playground. lol. THe last one is cool too :)