Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Two Weeks?!

I know, I know... this is going to get old very quickly, but I cannot believe that I have a two week old baby! It wasn't long ago that we had no idea what gender he would be. It wasn't long ago when he would kick me nonstop. And it certainly was not long ago that I had to pee all. night. long.

The trade-off is incredible... I no longer have to pee every two hours, but instead I get to cuddle and nurse my baby! So sweet.

Disclaimer: These posts are a great avenue for me to be able to remember all of these little details. I apologize for the length, but feel free to just peruse the pictures :)

So far Ian has been a relatively easy and content baby. When he's hungry he shows the signs of routing and eats. He continues to be a marathon eater. When he has a dirty diaper, we change it, but he doesn't really seem to mind. When he's tired, he looks tired, yawns, and sometimes rubs his eyes. When he does cry it's normally my error or because I placed him in some safe location while I ran to the bathroom in desperation!

Ian has started to become more vocal and can focus more on things around him. He loves looking out the window toward the light and he also loves falling asleep nestled within the nook of your neck. I absolutely love it when he trains his eyes on me.

Ian responds well to music, sometimes being consoled by a lullaby already. He really responds to my voice, and likes to be kissed and massaged.

Ian's a strong baby, able to hold his head up for long periods of time, even from the very beginning. He always impresses us during tummy time.

He's already grown so much! I can see it in the rolls of his neck and cheek. Monday was our most recent visit to the doctor, and my first solo trip, and he weighed in at 9 lbs. 10 oz! He's already well past his birth weight within a week and a half. Good job, Ian!

Oh, and those smiles. They aren't directed at anyone, just gas smiles... but, boy do I love seeing Ian Forrester smile. My whole being rejoices each time.

This past weekend his paternal grandparents came into town! Oh how they loved cuddling our little one. Kim changed dirty diaper after dirty diaper between making a dinner of spaghetti, and tons of chili for our freezer and baking loaves of pumpkin bread (also for the freezer). Thank you, Kim!

While they were here we also had our first outing, other than to the doctor. We went to the Blacksburg Farmer's Market and Ian slept the entire time in the Snap-n-Go stroller. Our second outing occurred on  Sunday when we went to Heritage Park with our friends, the Foxes, and went on our usual walk to wear out our dogs. Ian rode in the Beco (Thanks, Mom!) and slept the whole time! The only thing about sleeping the whole time that we're out is that I don't get a nap too ;)

We've also had visits from a few women from MOPS who brought us meals (Jenny, Kristy, and Erin- thank you!!) and Chris, who also brought over a meal. This weekend we're excited to host Aunt Phoebe and introduce Phoebe Forrester to Ian Forrester!

Sleeping with Ian has been to be expected! He's a newborn and they wake up all through the night! The first night he whined and whined being away from me for a second, so I quickly learned that co-sleeping was the way for us to survive together. For the last week and a half he's been swaddled and lying next to me, but the last two nights I've tried putting him in what we call our "mobile crib," which is the BOB stroller in the reclined position, and he's slept well apart from me for two hour stretches. I get better sleep but also struggle with being away from him as I fall asleep, checking on him every time I hear a sound! Funny how that works! Nine months of being together and I just don't feel right without him, and he without me. It's an awesome relationship that exists between a mama and her baby.

It's hard to believe that, had I gone two weeks late, he would have just arrived in our lives yesterday. Cliche as it may sound, it seems like he's always been here.

You may be wondering how Leif is handling the new addition. The answer is LIKE A CHAMP! He only sniffs him, if that. He's very gentle and calm around Ian, even when he's crying.

Oh, how I love being this boy's mama. I'm in love with every coo, yawn, sneeze, and snuggle.

Well, that's a wrap of the two weeks!


  1. I'm so happy that you're so happy. I love this post.
    You are such a great mama!

  2. You were born to be a mother! What a lucky boy. It's fun for me to read your journey and remember so clearly what this felt like...well, it still feels much the same way, except now I can't fall asleep when they're in my bed :). That was the only way we could sleep at the newborn phase too!

  3. Great post :-) My name is Heather and I have a question about your blog! If you could email me at Lifesabanquet1(at)gmail(dot)com that would be great!