Friday, October 18, 2013

How do you pack for...

How do you pack for three people and a dog for a month?

Better question, how do you pack for a growing infant for a month?

How do you pack for a seasonal change in the weather?

How do you pack for a place you know so well, but have never visited, lived in, or experienced in the fall?

How do you pack and contain your excitement for spending a whole month with your relatives? Yup. I get to spend a whole month with my grandma, aunt, cousin, her husband, and two children! Each day I'll be able to spend time with family AND my newborn son.

Jim will be rotating in Clarion, which is about 30 minutes away from my extended family. So, we're all packing our bags and heading up north. We'll be there for four weeks.

I sit surrounded by bags and baskets. Hope we don't forget anything too important, but I'm pretty sure they have stores in NW Pennsylvania ;)

So now...

How do you drive 8 hours with a newborn? (Prayers appreciated!)

What items are most important to have handy and what bags should contain them? Where should they be placed?

I'm sure it won't end up being 8 hours, or even 10 hours. We may be in for a longgg haul. Wish us luck!

Tomorrow it's farewell, Virginia...

Hello Pennsylvania!


Happy ONE Month, Ian Forrester!!

Today marks one month since Ian first was caught by Jim and placed in my arms!!! A one month post is to come, but we've been a bit preoccupied with above's topic and I want to be able to focus and write a good post. Plus, our internet can't support loading pictures and what post would be worth it about Ian without some pictures!!! I've been taking notes so I remember what's changed and my thoughts. Stay tuned for the one month post!

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  1. Can't wait! We have fast internet here so you can catch up with all of that. I will be traveling to Breezewood tomorrow with Butch. :( We are sad to see him leave. But he will be with the Kasch family soon. I'll see you tomorrow night.