Monday, October 21, 2013

Month One

Ian Forrester turned one month old on Friday! It's incredible to think that one month ago we held him in our arms for the first time. Today I feel like we might have blinked through this month and not that he's been here forever. I don't want to blink and have him be 20 years old already.

He's not social smiling yet, so these moments are fleeting gas smiles :)

So, for now I'll cherish this babe that is able to fit so perfectly on my chest and under my neck while sleeping and I'll enjoy the eyes that fix on mine while he's nursing.

This month has been great and hard. I realize that I haven't talked about those things that have been difficult, so here are a few things that, no doubt, all parents have experienced. Recovery from labor... no one really talks about that, but the soreness and pain finally took their leave about two weeks after he was born. Ian has had a fair amount of evenings when he cries for a period of time (leaving this mama and papa desperate and exhausted) about a burp, lower gas, perhaps overstimulation, or being tired. Sometimes we can figure it out and sometimes we can't. It's the times when we can't that break my heart and leave me frazzled. It's a helpless feeling. We are learning what works best to sooth him and what signs he can give us to clue us in to his needs. I feel like I am finally learning him, but they say that babies are always changing.

Until last week, I felt like a walking airhead. I could not focus on anything other than Ian and could not answer simple questions very well. That's what sleep deprivation will do to you! If I didn't get an hour nap at some point during the day then I really was lost. The last few days I've felt well enough that I haven't taken a nap or really been able to lie down.

Breastfeeding has worked itself out! I no longer need to lie down during feedings and Ian seems to be content and getting enough hind milk. It took most of last week to work this out and a few phone conversations with the lactation consultants at the local hospital (MRH). BTW, they have a great service! They call you daily to make sure everything is in order and you can call them any time. The only day they don't work is Christmas, so they are always available. This was huge for me. When he does get fussy, I know that it's because he's tired and that it's not a breastfeeding issue. It's so nice to be able to differentiate now.

During his fourth week of life we have had some new developments! Ian actually rolled over two times!! What?! Yes, he did. Now I don't think that he meant to do it either time, but it certainly happened. The first time he flipped over his eyes showed the shock and disbelief about what he had just accomplished. The second time, admittedly, he was on a slight incline in our yard, so gravity probably helped him out. But, every time he has tummy time, he starts to try to flip his bottom over... so, perhaps we'll be meaning to roll over soon!

This past week Ian has started to reach and grab for things. His mama's hair is a popular handhold, as well as her shirts. He really hugs me while I'm nursing him and that is just the sweetest feeling. One day while Jim was holding him, Jim started to move him, but Ian's must have felt like he might be falling and his reflexes caused him to grab Jim's nose before falling. His papa was shocked by his strength and speed.

Aunt Christine & Ian
Within the last few days it's been easier to put Ian down for naps. He allows me to place him somewhere after he's fallen asleep, even though he certainly prefers my chest to anywhere else. This gives me a chance to get a few things done while he's napping, but I feel like I am missing out on some awesome cuddling time. So, I pick and choose when to rest with him and when to work. It is nice to have this freedom. He likes napping small spaces like bassinets and the Moses basket we are borrowing from our friends. He can often be found napping in the Beco or the Boba, so I can be mobile and take Leif for walks or rock him to sleep as I move around the house.

In the evenings he can tend to be a bit fussy, but my aunt once had someone tell her that it's the baby's way of getting ready to sleep better at night. I'll take it.

As you can see in this picture of Jim with Ian on the fence, his neck control continues to astound us. While on a walk, Jim was wearing Ian in the Beco, Ian spent the whole time craning his neck out and up so that he could look around, pushing his arms against his chest for a better look.

Ian's Aunt Christine came to visit us from Philadelphia for two nights! It was lovely to have her around to talk to all day, share, and catch up. She doted on her new nephew and helped me so much around the house. Christine, we are so grateful for all you did!

My dear friend Meredith, a pseudo aunt, came to visit us from Richmond for a day. It did my heart so much good to see her, though the time is always too short. The sign of a good friend. Ian got lots of cuddles.

Kristy, who saw Ian the day after he was born, came to visit and couldn't believe how much he's changed already. It's hard for us to tell, since he's always with us. Alia also came to coo over him one day after work.

Ian's paternal grandpa, John B., came to visit on Friday, the day he turned one month old. He gave him many cuddles and accompanied me to the mechanic to get something done with the car and take care of Ian. It was nice to have him around one night! I know it was hard for Kim to miss this opportunity, but she talked to Ian twice on the phone :)

Thank you to Diana, Melissa, Joi, Susie & Casey, & Mary for meals!!! We really appreciated them.

On Saturday we had our first longgg car ride with Ian. I was a bit apprehensive about how it would go, but he did very well. Somehow most of our stops for gas, food, and the bathroom also seemed to coincide perfectly with Ian's feeding schedule. We did have a few cries, but overall he slept the majority of the ride and was content.

Earlier last week we tried giving him a bottle for the first time, in preparation for our long drive. He took it with no problem! The idea was that I could possibly pump and then feed him as we were driving. We didn't end up doing that, but it was nice to have the flexibility. I did give him one bottle along the way, though. See picture to the left. Jim wants to start giving him one feeding a day soon :)

The craziest thing happened while we were driving. I was talking about one of our best friends, David, and an experience we had near the New River Gorge, as we were driving through that area on Saturday. It was right then that we saw the car that he drives and I jokingly said, "Speak of the devil." Well, as we went to pass the car IT WAS HIM! So we stopped and got to visit with him and introduce him to Ian before he started his day of climbing. Small world.

Why the long drive? Jim is rotating in Clarion, PA this month and Ian and I came along to live nearby. We are staying with my aunt, grandma, cousin and her family on 20 acres for the next four weeks. It's nice to be surrounded by family. Pictures to come.

Happy One Month, Ian Forrester!!!!

You love: sleeping on our chests, grabbing whatever's in reach, being outside (!!!),
lying on your diaper changing pad, 
the pacifier, and cooing.

We love you, love you!

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