Thursday, October 24, 2013


There's nothing so sweet as watching a sleeping baby. The way they lie with their arms splayed out to the sides and their face showing complete contentment and bliss. Yesterday I changed his diaper on my aunt's rug and then left him content to look around while I did something in the kitchen. He soon drifted right off to sleep.

There's also nothing so sweet as watching my grandma hold Ian. She repeats over and over again, "Such a beautiful boy," "What a gorgeous boy," "Look at this big, big boy!" Yesterday she said, "Everything is just perfect. His fingers, his nose..." She sings him Rock-a-by Baby every time she holds him, but cannot quite remember all of the words. After singing it once she continues to sing the melody while making up all sorts of random lyrics about how she cannot remember the words or about her day. It's adorable. Don't worry... video has been taken already :)

During our first full day here we went to the pumpkin patch with my cousin and her family. I'm grateful for this sweet time with my family and Ian. Here's our little five week old pumpkin in with all the rest.

Thanks Cecilia for the knitted hat!!!
There's something so sweet about being a mama. To be all that another being needs to survive. To be able to carry something so little for nine months and then raise them for life. To have the heartbeat that soothes the babe when weary. It's pretty special.

First family pumpkin patch picture!

I'm grateful for Jim's sweet love for our Ian. He gets home from full days and immediately comes to take time with our little one. Often the evenings are his fussy time, in preparation for sleeping the night, and so his time is often fussy. But Jim works to console him with a variety of techniques he learned in his peds rotation. He's quite good. It's so sweet to see the two of them together

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