Sunday, November 6, 2016


About once a season we try to have a potluck. In our circle of friends, potlucks are prevalent and always full of loads of children & babies, great food, and craft beer. Yesterday's potluck was no different.

Here are the beautiful, artisan loaves of bread that one friend made.
Not everyone made it, but today I tallied up the final count and there were 62 people here yesterday!! We had three different soups in crock pots, mac 'n cheese in another, many different sides, and a few desserts. It was quite a spread.
 I just love getting so many great people together. Somehow I always want time to freeze and slow down; there are always too many people to enjoy and talk to. Always a few too many things going on, but I love getting people we love in the same place for a few hours.
 Jim raked two massive leaf piles up from all of the fallen maple leaves and the kids played between the two. There was one little injury, but it's a good thing we always have ten doctors on hand ;)
 Have I ever mentioned that I love our community?
As the night drew in and got chillier, many of us huddled close to the fire and talked. I know it's dark, but it helps me remember the feel. I just love nights out by a fire with friends old and new.

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