Monday, June 9, 2014

Hide Your Glasses & Sunglasses!

So crazy about this goofball.

As usual, life is getting away from me before I get these posts done. As much as I try to jot things down along the way, I know there are always things I'm forgetting. His development isn't waiting for anything... this boy is on the move and we cannot get enough of just observing him and marveling in what he does next!

We spent some time visiting with my family in Paris and were grateful to have time with Grumps, Äma, Uncle Willem, Aunt Phoebe, and her boyfriend James.

Still struggling with a cough, Ian's sleep was disrupted a lot and he was a bit fussy. During one nap, Jim and I were playing frisbee outside with Phoebe and James and my mom was watching the monitor. I glanced in the window to see Ian cuddling with Äma after waking up way too soon from a nap by his own coughing. Poor guy, but sweet moment. Äma sure didn't mind the cuddles!!

Then Ian came out with Äma to watch the "big kids" play frisbee. We did have the DIII National Player of the Year in our presence (Way to go, James!!), so he was learning from the best.

Staying cool in the shade.

Leif  got to spend some time with one of his girlfriends. Gillie just adores that guy. This was the first time we really trusted Leif to stick around at my parents' home. It was so nice to be able to shove both dogs out the door and know they'd be content together.

During this time, Leif was the object of great fascination for Ian. "Gentle" was probably the most spoken word from our mouths, since Leif knows what it means and we are trying to teach Ian it, too. Fortunately, Leif would either allow the "petting" or he got up and walked away.

Ian started playing a few games while we were there. Without prompting, he grabbed a spatula and started batting balls around the floor; his own form of field hockey!! He observed Jim throw a ball for Leif and started grabbing the ball and attempting to throw it himself. Mostly, it would bounce across the floor. How fun it is to see him figuring things out and developing new forms of play!!

Our little guy loves being dirty or covered in food. Feeding times have really become exciting! I've developed a system of using two spoons. One spoon is for feeding him the first bite, then it's his to play with. Then I load up another spoon and wait until he seems interested in another bite. He either drops the first spoon or continues playing with it while I feed him and go for another scoop.

While with family and traveling, we didn't always have a high chair. Sometimes we got creative and fed him while sitting on the floor, as we did in this picture...

Ian LOVES it when people play with him. Äma started walking her fingers toward his toes and he'd laugh as she tickled his foot. Uncle Willem knocked this ball back and forth with him and mirrored his babbling sounds.

Ian chewed on a watermelon rind and a bit of watermelon for the first time. What a great teether!! Especially since his second tooth came in!!!

He really enjoys bath time, but hates getting out of the bath! The splashing, standing up in the tub, and splashing some more, are just too darn fun!! When it comes time to pry his little hands from the tub, boy is he upset!!

Another thing that makes him upset is when Mama or Papa leave or walk out of his sight. Separation anxiety is certainly in full swing!!! This has been something we've all had to adjust to, since our content boy becomes fussy quickly.

And have I ever mentioned that he is incredibly quick?!? Well, now he's faster. WAY faster. He's into everything. I know that my next post will say the same thing... but wow!!!

In the mornings, Jim would watch him so that I could get a little more rest (Thank you, Hon!). I learned later that my dad normally came and had time with him during this time, as well. And the first day we were gone I received a text from my dad saying how sad he was not to get to play with Ian that morning. So sweet, the love of a grandparent.

Thank you for hosting us, Mom & Dad! Glad we could all be together for a few days this summer and happy to have time with Willem, Phoebe & James!!

Oh, and watch out for your glasses or sunglasses!!! This boy's stealthy. He'll have yours in his hand before you can say, "Ray Ban" or "Oakley," not that any of us have those brands.... and it's probably a good thing because he's teething on them and banging them on the floor before you've even realized what hit you! Ask anyone who's tried to wear a pair around him ;)

This post is now almost two weeks old, so stay tuned for more recent goings-ons; I'm just playing catch-up!

Happy 36 weeks, messy boy!!!
What would we do without you?

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