Monday, June 16, 2014

Father's Day

After a torturous day of moving, we woke up on Father's Day and took some time to relax in our new backyard. Two important fathers were there, tattered and exhausted, but they were there. We were together. And we had made it through the day before together.

Under the shade of a beautiful maple tree, we relaxed in adirondack chairs for a couple of hours.
 While doing so, we enjoyed our favorite past-time together... watching Ian.
He didn't mind the limelight one bit.

So, to the two older gentlemen in this picture,
Happy, Happy (belated) Father's Day!!!
To my father-in-law, John: Thank you for welcoming me into your fold with such open and loving arms. I'm grateful to have such a loving, warm, and generous family in you and Kim. Thank you for being a wonderful role model for Jim; it's definitely showing in how he relates to and cares for Ian!! It's been so wonderful to watch you become Ian's grandfather. Looking forward to the beach next week!!
To my own father (aka Daddio): Thank you sooooo much for spending this weekend here with us. We are SO grateful to have had your help packing the truck and moving us into our new place. It was a longgg day and we are ever so thankful for your hard, hard work.

Thank you for your love throughout the last (almost) 28 years and for sharing your amazing musical talents with us and the many children you've touched through teaching and through SCORE. It's only fitting to include a picture of Grandpa and you making music for father's day. What a legacy...

 And now, to see you a grandfather... I love to see you interacting with Ian. Your complete adoration for him is so beautiful. I look forward to watching the two of you through the years...

Happy Father's Day to Ian's incredible Papa!! He is so fortunate to have you to walk with him through life. No woodworking project will be too hard and no hill to high to climb. Your passion for learning and creating will foster a great environment for this little guy to grow up fascinated and curious about the world around him. The love that's in your eyes for this little one melts my heart. The way you wrestle, rough-house, and play with him brings complete joy into our home. Ian absolutely adores his papa.

And on this day, this first day of residency orientation, we wish you the best. We wish you peace. And we certainly cannot wait to have you back at home. The house is quiet and lonely without your games of hide & seek, races across the floor, and giggles at Ian's latest accomplishment.

Thank you for loving for and caring for us so well.

Today, one day late, I celebrate the fathers in my life and I'm humbled with thankfulness.

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