Friday, June 6, 2014

Trip to the Zoo

Before Ian was born, Jim talked about taking him to the zoo. Once a biology major, always a biology major. We decided that we'd take him during the summer, since he'd be older and more observant and interested in things around him. So, during our visit in northern Virginia, we hit the road for Washington D.C. and the National Zoo.

Fortunately, Phoebe and James were willing and able to come along and we seemed to turn up in the right places at the right times throughout our visit!!

Here are the lions with their six month old cubs, born on January 24th, which is also Phoebe's birthday. They were fun to watch, dynamically playing and one of them was even lifted by this scruff of its neck by its mama and moved to higher, safer ground. I had never seen that live before.

 Ian was awake and observing during some of the visit, but he also took a long nap in the stroller. Here he is learning all he can from the zoo employee ;)
We left the monkey house just in time to see two orangutans walk across the O Line. There's no net below them, as they walk above the pathway over the onlookers. What incredible beasts.

Ian woke up in time to see the elephants. It was a little harder for him to see the reptiles in the reptile house, since they are all very well camouflaged and mostly still....
 ...but he enjoyed the Golden Tamarins in the small mammal house!!! Perhaps it's because he could see them easily in their environment? Or maybe it's because he has the same color hair as they do... who knows! ;)

Those were just a few snapshots from our time at the zoo. Limited by time, we didn't see all of the exhibits, but there will be more opportunities. We're looking forward to our next visit! Thanks for coming with us, Aunt Phoebe & James!!

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