Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Eight is Great!

Tomorrow this little dude turns nine months old... but mama never got the eight month post up. This has been one wild month of traveling, visiting with families, and then packing, moving, and now unpacking. Ian's been an awesome trooper through it all, even while sick.

The pictures were taken super late, too.

Little One, we adore you.
 Your thighs and legs have lost some of their pudge, becoming slimmer and stronger with all of your many squats and the crawling.
 You enjoy pulling in your bottom lip when you're concentrating or just because...
 Your toenails may never fully recover from all of the use you put them through!!
 Both your hands and your feet are more stable and precise in their movements.
 You make the best faces...
 A little after your eight month birthday, you got your second tooth. You don't seem to mind teeth coming in... one day they are there and we didn't even realize that you were cutting them, except for a bit of drool.
 This is the face you make right before a giggle. Oh, how we LOVE to hear you giggle!!!
 Other times you mean business and have a focused, no-nonsense look in your eyes.
 All too often, we find you under furniture or exploring a new area... sometimes you get yourself into pickes, but you can normally work yourself back out.
Oh sweet boy, we're 2/3 of the way through a year already.

You amaze us every day.
You love: playing and initiating peek-a-boo, having mama in the backseat with you while riding in the car, playing with Papa (especially being flipped over on a bed), army crawling, watching and crawling toward Leif, crawling toward the refrigerator, staying BUSY, bath times, time spent outside even if it's hot or wet or cold, chewing on sticks, singing along with mama, saying "pa-pa-pa-pa," and exploring everything you can by crawling or putting things in your mouth.

I have to say that eight months has been such a fun age. 
He's laughing at jokes, playing and initiating games, 
really identifies us as his safe-havens, and is exploring everything.
This picture was probably taken on his eight month birthday, just for a frame of reference :)
How deep our love is for you, little eight month old...

Happy 8 months, Ian Forrester!!!

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