Thursday, June 27, 2013

Here We Go!

Right now Jim is completing his last few flash cards before taking his second medical board exam tomorrow. He'll spend the day taking eight one hour long tests. Makes my stomach curl just thinking of it. Please keep him in your thoughts & prayers! Tomorrow evening will be when his last "summer" ever begins and also our last summer before our family grows. We plan to make the most of it!

We'll spread our time between Philadelphia for Erin & Russ' wedding (!), Lebanon with Jim's parents, New York City with Tim & KC, The Pinery with my parents, siblings, & extended family, Cape May for our baby moon, and then home for a week of projects/nursery prepping before Jim starts rotations again.

I'll try to post updates along the way! No promises, though.

Here's another fun shot from our pregnancy photo shoot:

At my midwife appointment on Wednesday the baby's heartbeat was 140 beats/min. He/she is staying quite consistant with their heart rate and when they measured my belly we were right on target with 28 cm for 28 weeks! I asked the midwife if it was possible to tell which way the baby is facing and she felt around, molding my belly with her hands to find the head, spine, and bottom of our little one. Her final verdict was that the head is down, the spine is curving up the left side of my uterus, and the legs and arms are on my right side. That's why my right side is getting all of the kicking action! She said that the baby could easily move from this position at any time, but that by 32-36 weeks he/she will be pretty set in his/her position. We'll see!

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