Monday, June 17, 2013

Father's Day Weekend

Bittersweet is the best way to describe Father's Day this year.

I thought of and celebrated my dad, who is one of the most talented, musical, determined people I know. His music can touch me deeply, as almost none other can, and the cabin he built combines with so many wonderful memories that fill me up. He's always been a dreamer, but he makes many of those dreams come to fruition and we are the beneficiaries.

Though I didn't see my own father on the actual day, I did see him the day before. He delivered the personal remarks at my Uncle John's memorial service and they were extremely touching, describing character of my Uncle John and making so many people chuckle with their own memories of his impact in their lives. I was a proud daughter sitting in the pew, knowing that my dad had probably spent many sleepless nights reminiscing, writing, rewriting, pacing, and rehearsing. It was beautifully written and delivered and I'm sure Uncle John was smiling, nodding, and laughing his signature laugh.

I love you, Daddio!

I always considered Uncle John to be my second father. I spent every summer of my life living at The Pinery, where he would visit us at least once a week and we would visit his family, too. Memories of his joking and speaking of the future abound. It was always so comfortable to sit and listen to him talk to my parents and Aunt Beth. We bought our first car from him and always called him before actually purchasing our next cars or dishing out a significant amount of money to fix our cars. He was the go-to guy for many, many people. 

This weekend was spent remembering him and celebrating his life. Family and friends came from all over the United States and one from Germany to give tribute to him. He impacted so many people and helped to shape who they became. At the service, a choir sang "River in Judea" and it was a combination of the church choir and Venango Choir (both of which he was involved in) as well as a few family members. Combined, it was probably fifty plus people, all wanting to sing and honor him. Never has there ever been a campfire with more people laughing hysterically while sharing stories of a person's life. His wit and timing were extraordinary.

I love and miss you, Uncle John!

This was also the first father's day without grandpa. Uncle John's joined him in heaven, and if there are pranks in heaven, then Grandpa might have just gotten a note hidden by my uncle. Right about now he just might be chuckling to himself and shaking his head. 

This was Jim's first Father's Day and what a great father he'll be! The car ride to and from Pennsylvania was filled with remembrances about Uncle John, dreams of our future, and talk of what he's looking forward to doing with our children. His passions for biology and nature, enjoying hard work with his hands, woodworking, reading, and learning, being just a part of his excitement to share in raising our little one.

It's crunch time right now for studying for Step 2, his medical board at the end of this month, but he relaxed and interacted with my crazy & funny family all weekend. I don't think he'd have it any other way. AND, we took a few minutes for a little pregnancy photography shoot (Thank you, Whitney!!).

I love you, Jim!

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