Monday, July 1, 2013

Erin & Russ' Wedding!

On Saturday, June 29th Jim's sister, Erin got married to Russell. It was a beautiful wedding in a beautiful church in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Though there was no air conditioning in the church, we all managed not to melt away! It was wonderful to catch up with and meet new family members, some of whom Jim hadn't seen for years and years. 

Here's to a great couple!!! Hope you are having a lovely honeymoon in the Poconos!!

Here are a few pictures from their special day:

The mama and her daughters :)
John officiated and did a father-daughter swing dance!

The family is now up to seven members and counting ;)

We are so happy for you, Russ & Erin!

P.S. Jim's test is done! What a relief! We'll wait for the results for a few weeks. 
Now it's time to enjoy time with family and friends, and the river and the beach!

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