Sunday, June 2, 2013

Birthday Delights

As promised, here's the post from when we finally celebrated Jim's birthday! He, once again, tried to stump me by asking for a cake he didn't think actually would exist. One of these days he'll get wise and actually check the internet to see if any of these desserts have been posted online before challenging me, but shhhhhh... don't tell him. Thank goodness for the worldwide web!

This year he asked for a kiwi cake. Little did I know that kiwis are actually one of his favorite foods!? Almost four years into marriage and I never knew and maybe only purchased them once or twice before this cake. Sheesh. Well, now I know!

We found this great recipe and ran with it. It's kiwi cake with lemon-lime cream cheese frosting!

The prettiest batter you ever did see.
Strawberries from the patch in our front yard!
Have I mentioned how much I LOVE our new place?
The final product. A perfect summer dessert!
Good choice, Babe!
The happy birthday boy who had just returned from a run :)
We've been doing this for three years and I have to say that Jim knows how to choose delicious desserts! This was a real winner and great for a hot evening.

Delight Two
We received a package from Alaska, which is always exciting! My cousin Marianne is known to put together some pretty out-of-this-world packages AND she is incredibly gifted at whatever creative project she sets her mind to. To my great joy she combined both of these knacks and made Baby B an absolutely BEAUTIFUL baby quilt!!!

Wow, wow, wow!
I cannot wait to cuddle our babe in this gorgeous quilt. Even though she was in the final stretch of teaching school, getting her house ready to sell, and in the midst of packing to move to Germany (where her husband is already working and so she is flying solo as a parent to her two year old), AND her father is my uncle John, who I wrote about in the previous post, she somehow managed to make this blanket for our baby. She is a rock star. Thank you from the very bottom of our hearts, Marianne! We love you so very much.

Pregnancy Out-takes!
Just playing around and waiting for a cake to bake :)

24 weeks pregnant!


  1. great photos! I love the one of the strawberries with the mountains in the back, and your baby bump self portrait in your front door. you should do more in that spot as baby B grows! the cake looks awesome. i hope you are picking more strawberries today, we picked tons this morning and so many more were ready. so sorry my barking dog woke you up this morning!

    1. that's a good idea to take a picture in the door as i con't to grow! i have been picking daily! it's so wonderful.

  2. Gorgeous cake! And my, oh my! what a talented cousin you have! How special to have something with a story!

  3. Yum! I need to pour a reminder on my phone to visit over Jim's birthday next year :)

    1. I promise a yummy dessert for anytime you visit!