Sunday, July 8, 2012

Three Years!

As of today we've been married for three years!

Within this time we've:
- moved two times (Louisiana & Virginia)
- bought three cars
- worked on a week-long educational program together for 5th graders
- had one scary three-night hospital stay
- survived two years of medical school
- survived two first years of teaching (kindergarten & 6th grade) and three years of teaching total
- traveled to New Orleans, Alabama, Texas, Pennsylvania, Alaska, and we're on our way to Maine!
- bid farewell to Zeke and adopted two dogs (one aggressive one that didn't work out and Leif, who holds our hearts)
- fit in as many outdoor activities into our schedules as we could

The road's been busy and bumpy, but it's been a wonderfully full ride! I am so grateful to be with Jim. Two years of medical school have placed a lot of pressure on him and he has always made the time to be with me each day. He's been devoted through weakness, pain, happiness, and joy... I'm humbled by his love.

Maine, here we come!

I will be taking a vacation from posting for the next three weeks. 
We will be taking our sweet time getting to Maine, 
then we'll stay near Acadia National Park for a week, 
and then we'll be visiting our families at The Pinery and in Lebanon, PA.

Enjoy your summer!

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  1. Happy Anniversary, you two! I love you both soooo much. Have a wonderful vacation!