Thursday, July 5, 2012

River Time

"There's no time like river time."

I had a bumper sticker that said this on my laptop throughout college. It was a gentle reminder that no matter what happened during the year, the river would be waiting for me at the end of it. And this year it was just as I remembered it and just as peaceful; there's nothing like river time.

The week and a half there was full, busy, and wonderful. I'll try to give you a few many glimpses into the time at The Pinery.

The Pinery!

Pizza-in-the-making for the earth oven!


Our "hike" along Toms Creek

Playing peek-a-boo in the hammock with the birthday girl!

Jake showing the catfish a fisherman gave him.
It's the same size as Heidi! 
Hazel wanted a fishing birthday party and a cake with ALL the colors.
I think her wonderful mama hit the nail on the head here!
I mean really.... incredible!
Aunt Beth/Llamy with her grandkids 
Three of the four Krumich kids.
Me and Julie (the cake-maker)
A blurry evening campfire with lots of laughs 
The birthday girl was intent on having raspberries for the ice cream party at Grandma & Grandpa's,
even if it was raining and thundering. I think we all grabbed about a handful and ran back to the car.

Pheebs and Bailey with the loot in the back of the car.
After our ice cream party! The family's all together!
64 years of marriage! Wow! And still as cute as ever.

We returned to a sunny raspberry patch after our ice cream party and picked MANY more pints!
THIS is what I did for most of the visit. Leif LOVES the river.
He even did a great job swimming and running along the bank while Mom and I went tubing!
Phoebe on Kodi's rock.
The structure Dad built in 24 hours to shelter the earth oven.
Decadent chocolate cake with raspberries on the top!
I think the birthday girl was happy :)
It was a great visit and it's always hard to leave The Pinery. But the time was well-spent and I am grateful to have had the time that I did. It's great to be home with Jim now. Leif's off at Aunt Phoebe's 2nd Annual Phoebe Fun Camp (as she's named it) and so the house does not feel complete without our boy, but he'll be waiting for us when we begin our road trip on Sunday!


While gone I learned that I'll be teaching third grade this year! I'm excited to begin this new journey in August. It will be my third first year in four years! (If that makes any sense... haha!?)

Health-wise: My INR was at a 2.2 today. I'll return to my family doctor on August 1st and the neurologist on August 2nd. Headaches have been present and I've had neck pain, but I did just finish an 8.5 hour drive and so that is to be expected.

Jim will be jumping this next hurdle soon and then we are off to Maine!


  1. As I sit in Uncle John's hospital room, these pictures and captions send me to a peaceful place. Thanks, Käthe!

  2. Great pics! I have NO idea why people think we look alike ;)

    Your mom's choc on choc cake with RASPBERRIES makes me drool!