Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Sunnin' in Maine

"Who goes to Maine to get a tan?" said my cousin, Julie.

That can only mean one thing... there was sun. 

On our way to Maine we stopped in the Catskills for two nights and camped near Colgate Lake. It was beautiful and we found the perfect camping site, so why not stay an extra night?! 

Anyway, we were hiking (slowly, inch by inch) and we met a couple from New Jersey. Upon further conversation they discovered that we were heading to Maine, near Bar Harbor, for a week. As soon as the wife heard that we were heading there she said, "Oh, we went there once but there was too much sun. That's why we always come to the Catskills." It was then that we noticed that she was sitting in the shade, wearing a sunhat & long pants.

Well, this became our joke for the rest of the vacation. "Yeah this is very nice, but there's too much sun." Or, "You know what would make this better? If the sun went away."

And, fortunately, we actually DID have sun for most of our time there. We spoke to seasoned vacationers who own a summer cottage there and they told us we chose a great week because it was the nicest week they've had for twenty years. WOW!

So yes, I do have a "tan," but those of you who know me well know that I don't actually bronze. Thanks for the compliment, Julie! ;)

We tried new food, made new friends, ran into a college professor, hiked up small mountains with great views of the islands, sounds, and lakes, picked blueberries, found starfish, took the mail ferry to two islands, chatted with the elder of an island who wanted us to move there, enjoyed our cabin, and spent many a late afternoon at the beach.

It was a much-needed break for Jim after his months of studying and for the two of us after my injury this year. Not only that, but the location was GREAT for many reasons, but mainly because there was access to the beach (and therefore seafood!) and mountains that weren't too high or far for me to hike in my condition. Pictures will have to come later, when we have a faster internet connection.

Both of us did get some sun, even Leif got a little sunburn on his birthmark, but with 70 degrees and low 80s during the heat wave across the country, with 40 degree nights, we weren't complaining! Maine's a good summer spot :)

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  1. An amazing trip for a deserving couple (plus dog). Loved your photo show at the Pinery. Memories to cherish...
    Love, Dad