Monday, July 18, 2011


This word was written in my mother's most recent blog ( about my father's second day in the hospital. It struck a chord with me immediately as just yesterday my father was taken to the hospital because he had chest pains. It's the first time he's ever been taken anywhere by an ambulance and the worry wart in me was awakened.

Fortunately, he is fine. He had blood clots on his lungs which they think may have occurred because of his recent travels and long stretches of time spent sitting on a plane, in the airport, and in the car.

But he is resilient and so is his family. We will make it through this. Resilience is the key.

And then I think and am reminded, WOW- people are incredibly resilient beings.

Jim learns about this every day in his classes. He comes home bursting with excitement at the newest facet of our bodies that has caused him to stop with wonder. I can only nibble at the surface of his new knowledge, but I am swept up in the excitement of our resilient systems and functions.

The plan is for my dad to stay one more night and then hopefully be discharged tomorrow to relax at his (and my) favorite location, The Pinery. That's where he knows how to truly rest and recover. Hopefully he will be able to set his projects aside and give himself a break.

We're so glad he's okay.

He is, after all, resilient.

(Dad at The Pinery with the newest family member, Heidi - his niece once removed. Adorable, eh?)

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  1. Yes, I would be happy to never hear that your dad is in an ambulance with chest pains ever ever again! So glad we're on the upswing side of things and that he's returning home! Also, that is the CUTEST picture I've ever seen :)