Sunday, July 24, 2011

Family Pictures

This summer has been a wonderful whirlwind and it is NOT over yet. I demand that it slows down a bit. If it wouldn't mind, I still have a bit of living to do before the school year starts back up!

But during this time we had so many great moments with our families.

To start our summer off, John, Kim and Christine Barlow came to visit for a weekend. We took them on our favorite hike... yup, you guessed it! We went to the Cascades. It's beautiful and a must see in this area.

Next we packed up our Subaru, dogs and all, and booked it to The Pinery! Time in the river. Extended family. Kayaking. Biking. Cornhole. Badminton. Always a good time. Love it.

Leif learned how to swim AND was a pro at fetching sticks. Woohoo! We have a water dog!

Then we headed to Lebanon, PA to visit the Barlows. We had a great visit there! We went black raspberry picking, walked around the beautiful houses at Mount Gretna, were treated to a day at Hershey Park, spent quality time with John and Kim, and went to Philly to visit Erin and Christine. :)

And then we went to Alaska!

It's been a great summer so far. Thank you to our families for hosting and sharing such precious time with us. We love you.

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