Friday, July 1, 2011

Pinery Memories '11

Days spent at The Pinery are always full. We plan them that way. Always relaxing, they are full of biking, kayaking, canoeing, swimming, reading, and playing badminton, crochet, and bocce. This is not to forget campfires and s'mores, Yahtzee, trips to the ice cream place, and crafts, as well.

This year we even discovered that Leif, our pup, likes to swim. And he likes it a lot. He also likes to fetch sticks from far out in the water, just like our family's favorite dog, Kodi, used to do. Our days were spent wearing him out by running with Jim, or biking with me, and then taking him down to the river for as many rounds of fetch as we could score from him.

Yes, it's a wondrous place.

It's also a place that is cherished by other family members, who often make their way to The Pinery for cookouts and to partake in a few of the traditional activities mentioned above. Enjoy a few snapshots of our Pinery time last week. It's always too short, but we always make the most of it!

This week part of this family group is heading to Paris, France for a bike and barge trip. Soon, we too, will head out on our adventure in Alaska. We cannot wait!


  1. The Pinery IS a wondrous place for our family to gather. It is also good to adventure a bit far afield in the summer. I write this from Montargis, France about to start our bike and boat tomorrow. I wish you and Jim a fantastic adventure in Alaska! Love Dad

  2. Oh no! I had written a MUCH longer post and it was not saved! I had included all members of the family. Ugh!!!!! Ah well...