Sunday, July 3, 2011

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Happy birthday to the most creative, motivated, intelligent, and loving mama I know! I hope that this day is filled with great laughs, joys, and wonderful sights.

Today I do not get to celebrate this day with her because she is off in France on a bike and barge trip with my dad, aunt, and uncle. With the crowd she's with I don't know how this day couldn't be filled with the above mentioned things. They have gone every three years for the past 9 years, I suppose, and have always had a wonderful time. Normally the trip falls on her birthday, how perfect is that?

Her birthday gift was already given to her prior to her departure; a pair of earrings, as always. But this year she is working through wearing a set of earrings a day and blogging about them. It's pretty remarkable and I have learned a bunch.

Devoted parent. Incredible teacher. Inspiring innovator. Creative craftsman. Motivated scholar. All of these things describe my mom, the birthday girl!

Happy Birthday, Mama! We love you.

(Again, pictures will have to come at a later time. We are at my parents' house again.)

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