Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A Prettier Sight I Never Did See!

Okay, well this isn't necessarily true. But we recently made an order to REI for some new climbing gear and I think that it is a beautiful sight! When we arrived home to boxes of REI gear we could hardly contain our excitement.

(How do I rotate this, if it is already rotated in iPhoto? See my new camp chair, rope, and quickdraws. Jim's in his camp chair upstairs- they'll serve as extra furniture too!)

Here's to future adventures and trips spent climbing! Our rockclimbing gear is finally complete, for our purposes anyway.

Thank you to Mom and Dad for our combined birthday gift- the rope :)

Below you can find the gypsy moth that visited us this week. Jim snapped the picture with a nickel to show the size.

Tomorrow's a field trip with school and then it's just 1.5 days!

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