Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

Today I celebrate my dad- a music genius and doting father! He spent today going to see Wicked at the Kennedy Center with my mom and sister. That's pretty special :)

We cannot wait to spend this coming week at the cabin that he built when I was 5 years old, my brother was 2, and my sister was just a babe. I faintly remember him looking over the plans with my mom for the cabin he had designed. Now stands a unique, pine cabin that has been our family summer home ever since it was built.

Both teachers, my parents first bought the land when they were living in New York City. They then camped for the whole summer with their baby (me) before any structures were built. Then, before my brother was born, my dad bought a building book and read, chapter by chapter, as he was constructing the "barn" on the property. He reminisces that he would spend all day building and then read the next chapter of the book before that phase of construction the following day.

The barn served as the sleeping place for our family of four, with a loft for my parents and a bunk bed for me and Willem. Our kitchen was in my aunt and uncle's VW Camper (which they sold but then bought back and still have in AWESOME condition).

When the cabin was built, it was a community affair. Dad had the help of Grandpa and a few contractors and it went up beautifully. Each year my dad adds some new renovations and it's the perfect summer home.

Thank you, Dad and Mom, for a wonderful cabin and barn (which is where Jim and I stay when we visit)! We love coming back each summer to enjoy competitive Yahtzee (yes, this can be competitive) cornhole, badminton, volleyball, crochet, and bocce ball. We also love biking to the ice cream place, kayaking, and canoeing. But we also like lounging in the river or just reading or crafting under the pines.

It's a wondrous place!

I had always asked for my dad to write me a song and he did for my wedding. It was beautiful. It was called, "I Remember the Day." This is him playing it right before we paddled away.

An aerial shot from a ride in my Uncle John's plane.

In the winter.

Walter Otto Krumich- 90 years old (now). Also needs to be wished a HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!!!

Happy Father's Day!

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  1. Thanks so much, Kathe! Sorry I read it almost a week late, but I read it up at the Pinery which made it even more special! Love you,