Saturday, June 18, 2016


If I told you that Owen turned four months old, would you believe me?

Me neither.

Four month old Owen David is deliciously padded with a little more chub and a few more rolls, but still certainly long and lean. 

He's squealing ear-splitting joyful squeals by day, and cooing himself to sleep at night.

His eyes get tired and his face gets upset (which rarely happens), cueing us to his need to head to sleep. And soon. Usually, after changing his diaper, nursing for a few minutes, and then singing him a song or two on my shoulder, he's ready to be put down on his sheepskin for his nap. He does not need or want to be rocked completely to sleep. I'm trying to be conscious of his ability to fall asleep on his own as he becomes more aware of this world.

He's rolling over from back to front, but only occasionally. Mostly it happens when he wakes up from his nap on his belly and before I get to him he's rolled himself over.

His fingers are never far from his mouth. He enjoys his thumb and his pointer and middle fingers the most. 

Toys are now within his reach. He grasps and picks them up, bringing them to his mouth. Now that he knows he's capable of this skill, he can become frustrated when he's not able to pick something up. Or when he drops it unexpectedly.

Owen's often in a completely different spot from

where we put him down on the blanket. Sometimes he's feet away from the spot, but facing the same direction. And sometimes he's spinned completely around, with his feet where his head used to be.

He is SO strong!!! He loves to push into a standing position on our knees or on the floor, while we hold his torso. He cranks his neck to see everything and tracks each of us as we move around the house.

Owen's spent time in the jumper and really enjoys it! Just make sure there's a towel nearby for all of the drool that ends up on the floor ;)

His favorite yoga pose is "Happy Baby!" Makes sense, since he's such a content little one. He can often be found holding one or both of his feet. There's nothing like a happy baby!!
 He's just so joyful and exuberant. Bringing joy to every member of the family.

 It's easy to get lost in his deep, baby blue eyes.
 And look at those sweet lips...
 His hair is fairly thin (for now),
 and he has a section of lighter-colored hair around the middle of his head. It looks like he's got little or no hair there, but it's really a light blonde color that's just as long. Ian has the same thing. It's like a little crown around their heads.
 "Oh, like Owen" (as Ian always says), we sure do adore you.
You make us laugh and smile. You warm our hearts.

What would we do without you? What did we possibly do without you in our lives?

These four months have flown by. You have been such a joy to love and watch grow. Thank you for showing us how easy it is to fall in love all over again. Our hearts have grown and expanded so swiftly and we just absolutely love you, sweet son!!

Happy four months, Darling Boy!

You love: rolling onto your side (and occasionally all of the way over from belly to back), watching Ian play, listening to Mama sing, smiling at whoever will smile back at you, grabbing your toys and bringing them to your mouth, waking up as soon as we stop the car (!), being wherever we are, music and dancing, the jumper (though you just turn in circles), taking baths with Ian, & getting your diaper changed.

We are so blessed to be yours.

Four Month Stats (At 4 months, 12 days):

  • Weight: 15.81 lbs and in the 49.99%
  • Length: 27.5 inches (to which the nurse incredulously said, "Wow!", under her breath) and in the 99.43% (off the chart)
  • Head Circumference: 17 inches and in the 84.84%

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