Saturday, June 18, 2016


Photos get stuck on my phone far longer than I intend. There are tears to wipe, summer's dirty feet to wash, smiles to savor, tantrums to weather, eggs to gather, cuddles to linger in, herbs to weed, and more moments to cherish with these two sweet boys.

I *believe* these photos span since just before Memorial Day weekend.

 Owen tried the jumper for the first time and LOVES it! If he's awake enough, I can normally catch a span of time to work in the kitchen while he twirls and drools in this thing. After he's been in it a while, the floor has to be wiped because it's almost covered in drool puddles ;)
 We went to my parents' home for the Strawberry Festival, as seen in a previous blog. Here are the photos I took on my phone. Grumps and Owen smiles.

 Aunt Phoebe holding hands with Owen.
 Ian playing in the yard and on the porch with Papa & James.

 More Owen & Grumps smiles!
 Äma pulled out this set of blocks she's had since before Ian was born and he went to town building! What fun to watch his imagination and engineering sense take off!
 It's serious business. Someone's gotta do it.
 We returned home for our little family vacation. We spent time around the house, went to Claytor Lake, the aquatic center, had breakfast with friends and lots of babies, and to Pandapas Pond and then to our favorite restaurant for brunch.

 It's so fun to watch the boys interact. They LOVE each other so much. Just look at Owen's eyes as he watches Ian play and listen to Ian softly talk to Owen about things. Life around here is certainly not always perfect, but the interactions between these two are pretty close.
 I love this picture.
 We've started having bath time with the two of them. Both of them really seem to enjoy it!
 Crazy hair is the name of the game for me. Life's a mess and full of spit-up, loud running feet, and diaper changes. It's also full of gaping smiles, sighs of comfort, and song-singing. Who needs tidy hair?

These two goofballs....

 Owen's rolled over from his belly to his back after waking up, but has only done it a handful of times. He can often be found like he is in the picture below. As soon as he gets the urge, there will be no stopping him!
So crazy about these little guys. Their zest and zeal for life and love. Life with them is incredibly full, tiring, and wonderful.

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