Sunday, June 19, 2016

Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day!!!

This week my dad came down to visit for a few days and it was a really great time. We went on little excursions, hung out and relaxed during the boys' nap times, chatted and caught up, and just enjoyed being together.

My dad's always been a determined, strong-willed, funny, talented, and physically strong man. I've admired his musical prowess since I was very young. I love this picture of him; this is him in his element. His eyes become lost in another world, the world of music. His fingers, though we tease him about them being short and stubby, dance across the keys with ease. If you were to study his handball-callused, rough from hard work, hands, you'd never believe the grace they have at the piano.
He's a man of many talents and interests. He plays handballs with his "handball buddies" twice a week. He's a music teacher, composer, and now a church children's music director. Jim raves about his grilling... he's the best griller we know. We don't think we've ever had a better pork tenderloin, ribeye steak, or chicken than when it's been grilled by my dad. Recently, he built and earth oven at their cabin in Pennsylvania and he's gotten into making breads and pizzas. These, too, are delicious and enjoyed by many.

The thing I've most enjoyed is seeing him become a grandpa. Boy, does he love our boys...
....and the feeling is mutual. Both Ian and Owen enjoyed having Grumps around for a few days. We went on walks exploring Pandapas Pond and the Huckleberry, we went to the farmer's market and dancing in Floyd. Ian loved telling Grumps all about everything under the sun, and Owen shared his smiles and giggles non-stop.
Though we aren't together today, my heart is full from your recent visit, Dad!!! 
We love you.

To the father of our boys, I also wish a happy, happy day! Unfortunately, he's pulling a long shift at the hospital today and so our celebrations will be limited on this day. Just looking at these pictures, I see the exhaustion in his face, but the love and dedication he has for our family and our life together is always first in his mind and on his heart. 
This road hasn't always been easy, we've had to spend a lot of time apart. Lots of late nights and early mornings, lots of missed events and moments. When he's here, he makes such an effort to be present for our boys. That often means waiting to get all of his notes done until after the boys go to bed, or even after I've gone to bed. 

Our boys are blessed to have a father who works so hard to build a life for all of us. A father who, though he's incredibly busy with medicine, pursues so many interests and passions outside of his profession. Ian's already benefitting by being allowed to work with you in the garden, on small woodworking projects, and in the kitchen. As the boys grow older, I cannot wait to watch your relationships grow as you explore your own passions with them as well as take an interest in theirs. 
 From wrestling, to playing ball, to bike-riding, to planting seeds, to reading books, to singing songs, to running errands, to playing animals, to running laps around the house, to taking the night-time wake-up shifts, to supporting me in every parenting decision/woe/debacle, you are one heck of a father. I knew you would be. And I'm sorry for the times I give you a hard time.
 You lay down your life for us daily and our boys and I are truly blessed.
On this day, we celebrate you, Papa/Jim. We miss you and love you. See you later tonight!

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