Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Sweet Relief

For the first time ever, I left Ian overnight. Actually, it was for three nights. I dropped him off at a friend's house (Thanks, Mary L!!!) and made the drive to Topsail Island, North Carolina. My mom was coming later that night to watch Ian and Jim was in the middle of a super busy rotation, but was able to do bath time with Ian most nights.

I spent the weekend with four other friends at our friend Joi's spectacular beach house. We got in late and pretty much just hit the sack. I woke up to this view in the morning, after waking up in my own time and at my own pace. What a glorious blessing.
 Their house has a 360 degree view of the inter-coastal waterways. A-mazing. This is where I tried paddle-boarding for the first time and went kayaking with a dear friend (Nicky) I haven't seen for over a year.
 We spent time on the beach. Walking, beach-combing (I found my first shark tooth!), chatting, and reading. On the last night, Nicky and I even went swimming as the sun started to set! We were surrounded by the beautiful pinks and purples of the sky reflecting off the water. It was spectacular. Though the weather at home was frigid, the beach was warm and inviting.
 We ate out one night and went to a fabulous local bakery, but otherwise stayed near the cabin. I love the detailing of their ceiling... it's slats from old porches, but it gives the feel of a ship. So neat.
 Nicky and I were a bit too cold after swimming to see the sunset, so we hopped into the hot tub. But, I did still catch this image after getting out of the tub! Oh, and this was before a full-body massage. Life was hard.
 The next morning, it was time for me to again hit the road. Farewell, for now, Topsail!!
 I returned to a happy boy and Äma! Apparently they had an absolutely wonderful time and Ian barely cried. He talked about how I'd be right back but never got too upset. My mom's exact words were: "I had so much fun!" Wooo!! Win-win :)

I felt like a whole new woman, wife, and mama. The trip did wonders.

The next day I had a follow-up ultrasound for our sweet baby. I didn't get the results right away and was a bit frustrated by the whole experience. Fortunately, though I was teary and flustered, Ian reminded me of the simple joys of life by facilitating play time in the leaves!!! It was a blast and he had me laughing.

Ian: "Where Ian go?"
Me: "I don't know. Where did Ian go?"
Ian: Giggle.
Me: "Is he under the trampoline?"
Ian: "Noooo."
Me: "Is he in the garden?"
Ian: "Noooo."
Me: "Is he in the chicken coop?"
Ian: "In da leeeeeaves!!!!"

So much fun, that kid.
Even still, last night was quite difficult and full of tears and scary research. This morning I continued to twiddle my thumbs waiting for answers. This afternoon the phone finally rang saying that all was perfect and that the baby is perfect!!!

Whew!! So, so relieved. I think it's time to play in the leaves again. This time, I won't be nearly as distracted and weepy!

And let's channel the relaxed woman that returned from the beach on Sunday ;)

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