Monday, October 12, 2015

Butterfly Wonder

Parent's Morning Out (PMO) has been such a good thing for Ian. He runs laughing into the room, steals a hug from one of the teachers, and then rushes to choose what he'll play with first. They send super creative and process-oriented crafts home with him and he beams as he points to the fridge and tells me "Ian painted dat." Why, yes you did!

Today I received these pictures with the blurb below and my heart leapt, learning that he's able to stop and enjoy and notice the small wonders of the world, while at school. I'm so grateful to the three women who runs this program for giving me such peace of mind while Ian's away from me for those six hours a week.

"The children enjoyed watching a Monarch butterfly today. The church planted milkweed for the Monarchs in the spring and there were lots of caterpillars. It must have been drying it wings and couldn't fly. We watched it open and close it's wings. The butterfly crawled on a leaf and we moved it to a safe and sunny spot. It was gone when I left so must have flown away. Yeah."
I just love that he's on his belly.

Iris & Ian, the red-headed duo.

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